Website technique related
Google Maps API // The official site of Google Maps API, includes tutorials, class reference and more
Google Maps API Tutorial // Very valuable tutorials by Mike Williams, the best I've come across
Mapki // Wiki site with a very comprehensive knowledge base on Google Maps
Flashkit // Best Flash forum around // very good JavaScript DHTML API for dragging and dropping Images and Layers, used on the homepage
SWFObject // A Javascript Flash Player detection and embed script by deconcept // A very handy service that also gives you the GPS coordinates of a street

Hardware related
Parallax inc // Manufactures of the Basic Stamp microcontroller
Serial Monitor // Software to monitor and analyze data to and from the serial port
Galvanic Skin Response Sensor // Tutorial on how to make your own sensors
The NMEA FAQ // The NMEA standard explained

Richard van Bemmelen: Resona // Richard's personal website about Denaerde, Music and Software
Liong Lie: Liong Lie fotografie // Liong's business site for photography and Quicktime VR
Christian Nold: Bio Mapping // During a workshop Christian inspired me to combine the data I wanted to gather into one device. This website describes his Bio Mapping project.
Henk Bakker: HB Communicatie-advies // Henks' business site for communication advice
Danielle Roberts: numuseum // The artist's other main project, a highly interactive website which is updated daily. It contains webart pieces, a diary, personal status, photography, video, poetry and more
Isodoor webproducties // The artist's business website for her company that designs and devellops quality websites, cd-roms and provides hosting and training

Nieuwe Brabandse Kunst Stichting // Provincial institute that subsidises individual artists
Fonds BKVB // The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture is the national body responsible for making grants to individual visual artists, designers and architects.

Subject related
One square inch of silence // One Square Inch of Silence is the quietest place in the United States. This website is about this special project.
Noise quality by postcode // Dutch interactive site by RIVM where you can obtain an indication of the sound level of the whole country by postcode